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In these last two weeks I have had a great confidence boost in my drawing capabilities and my style. I've recently been doing contest or derbies for a website called shirt woot. Now I have done four derbies for this website and only in the last two weeks have their audience been really liking my work.

Why do they like my work? Because I decided to just draw how I draw and go for it. It has really paid off in the end and granted I'm not in the top stops of these derbies people vote and like my work.

Not only has this inspired me greatly but it has also pushed that little part of me to focus more on illustrating. I don't want to hope but know that with this new found courage that I'll progress further in this path.  

Thanks for reading and remember.....check out my blog for the latest news about me! Antastic!
I have had the opportunity for my recent projects to work in Illustrator and create a CRAP ton of illustrations using illustration. You can take a look at them in my gallery under my "background" and "medical" folder. Enjoy!
Apparently my Rihanna caricature is quite a hit on this here website
Stay tuned for lots more artwork near the end of this year which includes backgrounds, character poses, and maybe animations!
Well...after not using my old DA account for well over five years I have decided to make a new one and FINALLY post all my current and past work. Thank you all for the comments/favorites/and other craziness.

Hopefully I will remember to update this more often when I update my blog and other stuff.

Enjoy and stay tuned!